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We’re A Company established Under the name Of SMRIEEXPRESS, Registered in 2018, Our company has multiple subsidiaries under gaming & computer parts, such is this AIGOSTORE, AIGO STORE was Launched in 2018 (Online) Which was the first ENGLISH platform for the customers to buy products from, previously there have been cases where people have bought faulty products from Aliexpress & Taobao then they have made several complaints to our site regarding the products but in-fact those products weren’t even sold by our site.

So to counter the issue, we as the brand store of Aigo & Darkflash. We supply their products including some of our own partner products which we have partnerships with we don’t have any connections with amazon stores who sell Aigo products or any other Chinese firm like Alibaba or aliexpress who doesn’t help them if they deliver them faulty products.

We deliver products with testing them before making shipments with strict quality checks. Still, if the issue occurs with our delivered product we do cover replacement & exchange policy & clear your problems.

Any Query/Questions Kindly Email us at support@aigostore.com or use our chat system on the site.

Thank You. Hope You Have A Great Day Ahead.


Email – support@aigostore.com

Head  Office Of Dark Flash 

900 Turnbull Canyon Rd
City of Industry, CA 91745,
United States

Email: service@aigostore.com